AML exists for the purpose of building collaboration and sharing expertise among Arizona mathematics leaders. We provide ongoing experiences, information, and support to enable mathematics educators to assume leadership roles. Furthermore, we seek to establish and maintain a communication network among mathematics and educational leaders, and other related entities.

VISION asks the question: What do we want to become?

AML strives to become a collaborative group of experts in the field of math education and what works best for Arizona. In doing so, we desire to become:

  • Partners of strength as leaders of the schools, districts, and state
  • Problem solvers for Arizona leading quality and innovative teaching and learning
  • Learners who continually grow professionally
  • Sources of collaboration, in person and online

VALUES explore the question: How must we behave in order to make our vision a reality?

AML values: 

  • Collaboration that promotes creative solutions through open communication
  • Commitment to a common belief of research-affirmed teaching and learning practices
  • Goal setting that is focused on students and driven by excellence

GOALS ask the question: What are the nature and timetable of the specific steps that will be taken to move toward our mission?

We will achieve our mission by engaging in collaborative efforts, professional learning experiences, and opportunities to connect, including

  • Engagement in collaborative efforts to ensure that ALL Arizona students have access to rich mathematics curriculum, instruction, and assessment through quarterly meetings that support this collaboration
  • Participation in ongoing professional development and continual reflection during annual conference and collaboration events
  • Creation of resources, available through our listserv and on the AML website, that provide support for all Arizona Mathematics Leaders to build collective knowledge