Nora G. Ramirez is a nationally known mathematics educator who has spent over 30 years collaborating with teachers.  She worked at Arizona State University and Maricopa Community Colleges as a professional developer, mathematics specialist and principal investigator of several federally funded projects. Nora taught middle school and high school mathematics primarily in Texas.  She is a founding member and past-president of TODOS: Mathematics for ALL, a past member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Board of Directors, the Immediate Past President of the Arizona Association of Teachers of Mathematics (AATM), and an advisory board member for several mathematics education and ELL related projects. She is an author and co-editor of Beyond Good Teaching: Advancing Mathematics Education for ELLs published by NCTM and has been a contributing author for several books related to mathematics educationCurrently, she is active in NCTM, NCSM, AATM and AML, and now serves as Executive Director of TODOS, and works as a mathematics education consultant in rural, urban and suburban school districts.

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